RPS 205 sophomores top NIC-10 in hitting

ROCKFORD – Guilford second baseman Christopher Pass was the only RPS 205 baseball player to make first team All-NIC-10 in baseball.

It was a bit of surprise that he wasn’t joined by East’s Hunter Scanlon, who led the NIC-10 in batting. Scanlon was named special mention as an outfielder.

Regardless of the vote, it’s going to be exciting to watch the two develop. Both were just sophomores this year.


Auburn senior Greydon Westin, who finished second in the conference in strikeouts as a pitcher, joined Scanlon on the special mention list.

There were several top performers in the NIC-10 this season:

Batting Average:
1. Hunter Scanlon, East, .517
2. Christopher Pass, Guilford, .434
6. Garrett Wallace, Auburn, .403
7. Brady Franks, East, .400

Stolen Bases:
5. Bradey Franks, East, 14
6. Seth Montana-Edwards, East, 13

9. Payton Alexander, Auburn, 4

2. Graydon Westin, Auburn, 68


Posted on 06.19.19