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About Rockford Sports Coalition (RSC)

RSC was founded by community leaders in 1992 when proposed budget cuts threatened to eliminate public school sports and close all high school pools.Formed by area parents and leaders, RSC intervened and directly provided funds to the schools to reopen programs including all high school and middle school pools. Since then, RSC has provided more than $850,000 directly to schools without the overhead of traditional funding.

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Nominate coaches, players or contributors for RPS Athletics Hall of Fame

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic restrictions, the Rockford Sports Coalition has not set a date for its annual RPS 205 Champions Ball & Athletics Hall of Fame.

We are taking nominations, though, for the next Hall of Fame class. You can nominate people in one of four categories – athlete, coach, team or service award. 

Since launching the hall of fame in 2013, the district has honored 24 players, 12 teams, eight coaches and five for the service award.

If you’d like to nominate a team or person for any of these awards, click on this link!

Efficient, Effective Giving

Efficient Giving
  • Funds provided to RSC are tax-deductible
  • Funds distributed directly to schools - no unnecessary overhead
Effective Giving
  • District and school Athletic Directors recommend funding needs
  • RSC oversight ensures accountability