Auburn wins four events in Science Olympiad invitational

MACHESNEY PARK – Auburn students won four of 23 events in a 30-team Science Olympiad Invitational at Harlem High School this past Saturday.

Overall, students from Auburn and Guilford brought home 29 medals.

Jay Gupta, an Auburn sophomore, took first place in sounds of music and chem lab with AJ Bernardo, also a sophomore.

Jillian Shriver and Nyla Sommer, both Auburn freshman, took first in astronomy.

Ryuto Thew and Richelle Watson, both Auburn sophomores, earned a first-place medal in detector building.

It was an extremely busy competition for Thew. He competed in five events and medaled in all, earning a first, second, third, fourth and fifth-place medal.

Saturday’s competition was the first step in building towards the state Science Olympiad. Rock Valley College hosts the regional in March.

Here are the rest of the medalists for both Auburn and Guilford:

Second place medalists:

Codebusters: Mya Caravello, Auburn; Isabella Hernandez, Auburn; Maryan Saleh.

Disease Detectives: Osaro Omozusi, Auburn; Isabella Hernandez, Auburn.

Forensics: Sofia Rayon, Auburn; Ruth Mathew, Auburn.

Geologic Mapping: Ryuto Thew, Auburn; Dhruv Ramaswami, Auburn.

Ping Pong Parachute: Maryan Saleh, Auburn.

Gravity Vehicle: Josh Albers, Guilford; Rashad Amad, Guilford.

Third place medalists:

Boomilever: Dylan Gibson, Auburn; Jay Gupta, Auburn.

Circuit Lab: Anthony Charlston, Guilford; Ryan Sherman, Guilford.

Designer Genes: Kaylee Presslor, Guilford; Nor Alamery, Guilford.

Dynamic Planet: Ryuto Thew, Auburn; Isabella Hernandez, Auburn.

Experimental Design: Chase Hunter, Guilford; Josh Albers, Guilford; Rashad Amad, Guilford.

Forensics: Mya Caravello, Auburn; Nam Pham, Auburn.

Ornithology: Richelle Watson, Auburn; Sophia Mores, Auburn.

Fourth place medalists:

Anatomy: Dori Russo, Guilford; Nor Alamery, Guilford.

Circuit Lab: Ryuto Thew, Auburn; Dhruv Ramaswami, Auburn.

Fossils: Isabella Hernandez, Auburn; Ava Sommer, Auburn.

Fifth place medalists:

Chemistry: Josh Albers, Guilford; Rashad Amad, Guilford.

Designer Genes: Osaro Omozusi, Auburn; Nam Pham, Auburn.

Disease Detectives: Ava Sommer, Auburn; Nyla Sommer, Auburn.

Fossils: Dylan Brown, Guilford; Dori Russo, Guilford.

Machines: Ryuto Thew, Auburn; Nam Pham, Auburn.

Sounds of Music: Chase Hunter, Guilford; Maggie Thomas, Guilford.

Water Quality: Nor Alamery, Guilford.

Wright Stuff: Angelina Chou, Auburn.

Posted on 12.16.19