Young swimmers lead Knights to 4th in Auburn Relays

ROCKFORD – Auburn’s girls swimming team finished fourth out of nine schools in Saturday’s 36th annual Auburn Girls Relay.

Auburn’s swimming team took third in three of the 13 unique relays, led by freshman Ali Cushing and sophomore Kristen Zuzga, who were on all three of the third-place relay teams:

  • Third in the 300-yard medley relay: Katie Roxworthy, Lydia Przytulski, Ali Cushing and Kristen Zuzga.
  • Third in the 300-yard breaststroke relay (50-100-150): Kristen Zuzga, Ali Cushing, Lydia Przytulski, Tara Griffith.
  • Third in the 350-yard freestyle relay (50-75-100-125): Tara Griffith, Kristen Zuzga, Gabby Wood, Ali Cushing.

East finished seventh in the meet with 32 points. The E-Rabs had three top-three relays, including one second-place finish. Junior Kayla Wells and senior Maddie Taylor were on all three of those relays.

  • Second in the 150-yard freestyle crescendo relay (25-50-75): Trinity Plager, Maddie Taylor, Kayla Wells.
  • Third in the 150-yard butterfly crescendo relay (25-50-75): Abby Muehfelter, Kayla Wells, Maddie Taylor.
  • Third in the 300-yard backstroke relay (50-100-150): Carina Sund, Kayla Wells, Maddie Taylor.

Lake Park won the meet with 93 points, Auburn was fourth with 57, East seventh with 32 and Jefferson scored 16 points.

Posted on 10.10.17