Hall of Fame

In 2013, the Rockford School District launched the RPS Champions Ball and Hall of Fame to honor the many outstanding athletes and people associated with District 205 sports over the decades. The annual event, which takes place in late February or early March, also serves as a fundraiser for the Rockford Sports Coalition.

2013 Inductees:
1954-1955 and 1955-1956 West state-champion basketball teams
1974 East football team
Lisa Coole, Guilford swimming
Jerry Latin, East football star who made it to the NFL
Genelle Samuelson, community service
Alex Saudargas, West basketball coach
Inaugural Champions Ball video

2014 Inductees: 
1939 Rockford boys basketball team
Donna Cargill, East multiple state-champion track star
Ernie Kent, West basketball player
Jim Laude, Rockford and Rockford East basketball coach
Brad Muzzarelli, East basketball and football manager for nearly 40 years

2015 Inductees:
1975 West girls field hockey team. Video
1985 East football team. Video
Gene Cassioppi and Don May, Guilford swimming. Video
Albert “Ab” Nicholas, West basketball player. Video
Carlos Polk, Guilford star to NFL staple. Video

2016 Inductees:
1982 Guilford football team. Video
1997 East girls bowling team. Video
Bruce Beling, “The Voice” of Jefferson. Video
Kenny Gould, Auburn’s bronze medalist. Video
Janet Lynn, Guilford’s bronze medalist. Video
Ron Merriott, West’s bronze medalist. Video

2017 Inductees:
1992-1993 Guilford boys basketball team. Video
Leonard Bell, who went from Jefferson to the NFL. Video
Hal Carlson, major league baseball pitcher. Video
Roger Lindeman, Guilford golf coach. Video
Diane Peterson, first female athletic director for District 205. Video
Carrie Zarse, Auburn’s first state champion. Video

2018 Inductees
1990-1991 Jefferson girls basketball team. Video
Joe Blume, Jefferson football coach. Video
Jerry Lowe, Auburn football and track coaching volunteer. Video
Jenny Spangler, Guilford, Iowa and Olympic running star. Video
Jerry Stalcup, East, Wisconsin, NFL football star. Video
Dan Wikse, West tennis state champion. Video

2019 Inductees
1964-1965 undefeated West football team. Story Video
Bobby Anderson, Auburn football, basketball and track star. Story Video
Jean Cione, East’s All-American baseball star. Story Video
Andie Goff, softball and basketball coach at East, Guilford and Jefferson. Story Video
Scott and Steve Kitzman, Jefferson record-setting swimmers. Story Video
Skip Thoren, East’s ABA all-star basketball player. Story Video

2020 Inductees
1968 Guilford baseball team. Story NIC-10 History Book
Seth Miller, Auburn track, basketball and football star. Story NIC-10 History Book
Amanda Omar, East volleyball great. Story NIC-10 History Book
Bob Pellant, coach who led East football on dominant run. Story
Dan Scarpetta, Auburn’s dominant baseball pitcher. Story NIC-10 History Book
Mark Sibley, from West to NBA. Story NIC-10 History Book