Auburn student wins national scholastic bowl title

ROCKFORD – Auburn senior Ethan Strombeck is the national individual scholastic bowl champion.

Scholastic Bowl typically is a team event, but each year a National Academic Quiz Tournaments individual tournament is held, featuring 10 rounds of buzzer play on topics ranging from science and geography to history and literature.

The tournament drew 130 competitors to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont this past weekend. Strombeck told the Rockford Register Star that the last few rounds were “pretty intense.”

“The last eight people in the tournament were all at about the same skill level,” Strombeck said to Corina Curry.

Strombeck finished fifth in the individual competition last year. The 18-year-old is a member of the National Honor Society and plays in the Auburn band.

Strombeck’s round-by-round results:

Round 1 – Match 13: Strombeck No. 1 out of nine players with 130.9 points (second had 46.5).
Round 2 – Match 3: Strombeck No. 1 out of nine players with 207.3 points (second had 55.6)
Round 3 – Match 2 – Strombeck No. 4 out of nine players with 44.7 points (first had 98.2)
Round 4 – Match 4 – Strombeck No. 1 out of nine players with 90 points (second had 44.7)
Round 5 – Match 5 – Strombeck No. 1 out of eight players with 96 points (second had 42.2)
Round 6 – Strombeck def. Connor Mayers of Penn Manor, 135-85
Round 7 – Strombeck def. Andrew Hoagland of Arcadia, 160-90
Round 8 – Strombeck def. Fred Zhang of Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, 135-100
Round 9 – Strombeck def. Alexander Pyle of Troy, 170-50
Round 10 – Strombeck def. Hari Parameswaran of Beavercreek, 130-95

Posted on 04.10.19