Keeping up with your coaches: Darryl Watkins

Darryl Watkins is entering his first season as Auburn girls varsity basketball coach after spending the past five years as assistant coach for the Rock Valley College women’s basketball team. Watkins is returning home. He is a 2007 Auburn graduate. Here’s more about Darryl:

Full-time Job: Building Support Specialist at Rockford Auburn High School 

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Athletic background: Played football, basketball, baseball and ran track at Auburn. Played basketball in college and as a semi-professional for the Rockford Riverdawgs.

College/additional educational background: Associates degree from Rock Valley College, Bachelors degree from Rockford College, and a Masters Degree from Chadron State College.

Q: Why did you get into coaching?

A: “I got into coaching so I could be able to stay connected and close to the game of basketball. I always wanted to be able to give back all of the knowledge I have acquired over my years back to the youth and help them reach their ultimate goals of being able to get to the next level and receive a college education.”

Q: What coach in your life had the biggest influence and why?

A: “This is a tough one and I really can’t answer this one. I have had so many coaches that have been so influential in my life that it is hard to pick just one.”

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote and/or motivational song?

A: “My favorite motivational quote would have to be ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ My favorite motivational song? Thats tough, but in my playlist I listen to a lot of J Cole, and Drake. Theres too many motivational songs to choose from in their archive.”

Q: Where would your student-athletes most likely find you this summer?

A: “My student athletes will most likely find me in the gym at Auburn High School right next to their side as we all strive to get better everyday.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Rockford and/or your favorite place in the area?

A: “My favorite thing about Rockford has to be first of all this is my home, and I have a certain pride about that. Next would be the people and culture. A lot of people might not notice it or want to embrace it, but I feel like the people of Rockford have a mental toughness about them that is unique. My favorite place about Rockford would be anywhere that serves great food.”

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about coaching?

A: “The most rewarding thing about coaching is being able to see your student athletes attain a goal that they have been working so hard for, and the joy that it brings to them once they have reached that goal is amazing.”

Q: What is the most difficult challenge as a coach?

A: “I feel like there is not difficult thing about coaching, if you feel like anything about this lifestyle is difficult then you are in it for the wrong reasons.”

Q: When was your proudest moment as a coach?

A: “My proudest moments as a coach has to be winning three national championships at Rock Valley College but also after achieving that highest goal on the court being able to see my student athletes receive their associate degrees and move on to four year institutions and receive athletic scholarships.”

Posted on 06.26.17