Keeping up with your coaches: Julian Jacques

Julian Jacques is one of Rockford’s better Canadian imports. The Toronto native will be starting his third year as varsity volleyball coach at Guilford high school, a sport he has been coaching for 20 years. Here’s a little more about Julian.

Full-time Job: Fifth-grade math teacher at Johnson Elementary.

Family: Wife and two sons, Aiden, 8, and Kaleb, 6.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

High School and year you graduated: Cardinal Newman, 1988

Athletic background: Played high school basketball and hockey

College/additional educational background: University of Guelph, Toronto, with B.A. in sociology and anthropology, and a bachelors in education from York University, Toronto.

Q: Why did you get into coaching?

A: “I love the game of volleyball.”

Q: What coach in your life had the biggest influence and why?

A: “Pat Meinert. No one surpasses her love for the game.”

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote?

A: “It is not the team with the best players that wins, it’s the players with the best team that wins.”

Q: Where would your student-athletes most likely find you this summer?

A: “Working around the house, playing with my kids or camping.”

Q: What is something your student-athletes would be surprised to learn about you?

A: “I didn’t start playing volleyball until I was 20.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Rockford?

A: “There is a very tight volleyball community that continues to grow.”

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about coaching?

A: “Working with a team and starting at one point, setting goals, putting the work in and then reaching the goal.”

Q: What is the most difficult challenge as a coach?

A: “Reaching the needs and desires of all of the players and keeping the student athletes focused on what the ultimate team goal is.”

Q: When was your proudest moment as a coach?

A: “I coached at Auburn High School, and when I started the program was winless in 77 conference matches. In my first year we were 3-13 and the following year we were 8-8. This was a very proud time for me because no one expected us to do that and the work had paid off.”

Posted on 06.18.17